ATIGloxx DLL Error Fix Tutorial – How To Fix ATIGloxx DLL Errors

ATIGloxx DLL Error Fix Tutorial – How To Fix ATIGloxx DLL Errors

A DLL file called atioglxx.dll file functions as an ATI OpenGL driver that is designed to enhance graphics-based applications. Certain operations, like processing 2D and 3D accelerators, texturing, blending, lighting, and modeling transformations are performed by this file. However, we have heard about many errors related to this file that are stopping computer users from performing these tasks.

What Causes These Errors?

Several factors cause this error to appear on your computer. Some of the main causes of the atioglxx.dll error are having faulty ATI driver components installed, or the file itself being corrupted or lost in the system. It may also be the case that the Windows registry has issues. To resolve this problem, it is important that you determine the real cause so that you can address it accordingly.

How To Fix ATIGloxx.dll Errors

To begin repairing this error, you have to make sure your ATI drivers are properly working. This can be done by re-installing the device driver. To do this, you have to select “Start” and then locate “Control Panel”. For Windows XP, the next step is to click “System” and then press “Hardware” followed by finding the “Device Manager” tab. For Windows Vista & 7, select “Device Manager” once the control panel display window is shown. After this, look for the ATI device manager and then right-click on it and press “Uninstall”. Instructions will then pop up, and after you follow the command prompts, the file will be removed from your system. Reboot your PC after completing the process. As your Windows loads up again, it will detect the ATI device driver, and you have to press “Cancel” and proceed with the logging of your Windows. At this point, you have to find and run the installation file from your hard drive. If you don’t have it, then insert the installer CD/DVD. Afterwards, follow the instructions that will be displayed on your screen to install the driver once more, and then restart your computer again. Finall, check the Device Manager again to see if the driver needs updating or not, and if so, update it. These steps will re-install your ATI device driver and will often stop the error alerts from showing up.

Another way to fix this error is by manually replacing the atioglxx.dll file. Windows cannot read the file if it is defective, therefore, you must ensure that you have a fresh working version of the file in your system. To perform this task, the first thing to do is download the “” file from the internet. Unzip this file onto the hard drive of your PC. After that, go to “C:\Windows\System32” and change the name of the currently installed atioglzz.dll file to “atioglxxBACKUP.dll”. Now, copy the new atioglxx. Dll file you have just downloaded to “C:\Windows\System32”. The next step is to register the new file. Open the “Start Menu”, click “Run” or search “Run” if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7. When the command box appears, type “cmd”. On the black screen that appears next, type “regsvr32 atioglxx.dll” and then click “Enter”. This substitution process should be able to prevent most atioglxx.dll errors.

The ATIGloxx.dll Error is also going to be caused by the registry. To prevent the error returning, you have to clean the registry of your system. The registry is a huge database where vital files settings are kept. Windows reads the settings here in order to configure your programs as they were setup. Unfortunately, this sector gets damaged and clogged up over time – making Windows unable to access the required files for it to carry out its functions. As this happens, problems and errors like the atioglxx.dll error will occur. To solve this, download and run a registry cleaning program that will automatically scan and clean your system’s errors, thereby restoring your PC’s normal condition.

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