Fix AdobeLinguistic DLL Error – Remove ‘AdobeLinguistic DLL Is Missing’ Error From PC!

AdobeLinguistic.dll is an important Linguistic Library file which is component of Adobe Systems Incorporated of version 2.0. This DLL file has the size of 348,160 bytes and is found under the directory “/%Program Files%/Adobe/Reader“. But this file can cause very serious issue i.e. to prevent this file from getting loaded and processed. The error messages are quite subjected to occur when user run Adobe programs like CS3 etc. The error messages that user encounter during this process is very much similar to the errors as mentioned below –

— “AdobeLinguistic.dll Not Found.

— “Program Failed To Launch Because AdobeLinguistic.dll Was Not Found.

— “AdobeLinguistic.dll Is Missing.” etc.

These errors indicate that the involved DLL file is either corrupt or is unreadable by Windows systems. In fact viruses and registry error can also cause this error to generate.

How to fix AdobeLinguistic.dll error of Windows system?

In order to resolve this issue user need to perform certain tasks which will help them to get rid of this serious problem. The steps to be performed are as follows –

Reinstall the Application which is causing the error – If you have witnessed this error message from any particular program of your system then to fix this you need to reinstall that particular program by uninstalling it first. To do this, just perform the typical removal method of the program from the ‘Add and Remove Programs’ windows. If the issue does not get resolved by performing this task then try the next one.

Replace the Linguistic DLL file manually – If the error message still gets displayed then it will be better if you replace the affected DLL file by your own. It is very simple strategy, just download the fresh DLL file, find the existing file and replace it with the new downloaded file. But make sure you perform this task very cautiously because during this process if any of the system file get altered then system may get unbootable. So, it is strongly recommended that you perform this task under any expert’s supervision.

Clean the viruses and other infections – Sometimes the viruses and other malware’s and spyware’s invade into the user’s system and causes many abnormalities. Among them DLL infections are also there which can make the DLL files unreadable. So, to avoid that using any third party antivirus software will certainly help the user to eliminate the virus threat.

Clean and repair Windows Registry – As you know Registry is very important component of Windows system which keeps the track of all the DLL files installed in the system including their settings that help the different programs to use these DLL files effectively. So, if something goes wrong over here, then it can cause the entire system to work improperly. That’s the reason why repairing and cleaning the registry will certainly help the user to get rid of AdobeLinguistic.dll error effectively.