How To Fix Br_funcs Exe Error

Br_funcs.exe is an executable file and an essential component of Rescue and Recovery software of Lenovo. It is used to backup the Operating System. In the case of missing registry files it throws error messages on your computer screen.

br_funcs.exe – Ordinal Not Found
The ordinal 39 could not be located in the dynamic link library zlib.dll.

It has been noticed that just after installing AutoCAD 2002 or Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3.3 on some particular model of Lenovo ThinkPad, the above mentioned error message displays on your computer screen.

Backups of data rescue from sudden data loss but the biggest drawback of Br_funcs.exe file is that its consumption level of CPU. While backup process, sometimes its consumption level goes up to 80%. It may last from few minutes to more than an hour.

This error occurs when the installation of AutoCAD reinstated the zlib.dll by previous version from 18-09-2000. It also erupts due to many reasons, but the major cause of exe errors are corrupted Windows registry system files. Some errors are associated to system driver problems like obsolete or irreconcilable drivers.

Contaminated registry files transmit the corruption to other system files and hence error messages occurred. Deficient or inappropriate removal or installations of software or hardware are the consequences of corrupted registry files. Infection of Virus or Trojans also leads to emergence of such errors.

You can fix Br_funcs.exe error by reinstating the previous version file of zib.dll with the latest version. To avert infection of malware or spyware, keep your computer system vigorous by performing regular scans with the help of consistent antimalware removing programs. Root cause of errors are damaged registry files so, always use Registry cleaning application.

For removing unwanted malware always make use of Antivirus application. Because is required to remove surplus viruses in order to enhance CPU processing and running speed of system. It is also suggested to use Registry cleaner tool that efficiently fix Br_funcs.exe error. Corrupted database of registry files are the root cause of various errors.

Description: Br_funcs.exe is a file component of backup program of Lenovo that uses maximum CPU resources. Sometimes, because of damaged database of registry files and some other reasons it displays error messages on your system screen. You can fix Br_funcs.exe error by using Antivirus program along with Registry cleaner tool.