How To Fix Windows 0x0000024 Error On Your PC

The 0×00000024 error is a common occurrence if you are running a Windows operating system; it is more frequent with computers using Windows XP. Once you start and log on to Windows, the error message usually pops up. This is a signal that the Ntfs.sys file in the system is experiencing issues. It could have been damaged, infected by a virus, etc. This error is one that causes the blue screen to appear.

What Is This Error?

Basically you will see the computer flash an error message on screen that says:

“NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM” or “Stop 0×00000024″.

This error is only seen when the ntfs.sys file is malfunctioning. Do not take this problem lightly because this file is actually a very important component of the computer. It allows the system to process and write the drives that use the ntfs file system. If the file is having issues, Windows will have problems using it. Also, another possible reason could be the problem with Windows not being able to correctly read a file in the hard drive or the applications that make use of the file. To solve this problem you will have to pinpoint where the error is from and how to fix it. Follow the guide below to perform the proper troubleshooting of the error.

How To Fix The 0x00000024 Error

The first step is to deal with the issues in the hard drive. The hard drive is the most plausible reason of complications like the 0×00000024 error that occur in computers. To find out if the error started there, you need to check the integrity of the hard drive. This is the usual method employed when faced with errors like this. To do so, employ the CHKDSK command, which can be done by using the steps here:

  • Go to START and click RUN.
  • Inside the box, type in “cmd” to open command prompt; in the command prompt box, type “”chkdsk drive:/f” and then ENTER to affirm the command.
  • This will launch the CHKDSK application that will review the status of the hard drive performance and determine whether it is effective or defective.
  • Also, you should not overlook the drivers in the computer because they too can be a cause of the error.
  • To do this, go to MY COMPUTER and then select the hard disk drive that you want to scan for errors first.
  • Right click this disk drive and select PROPERTIES > TOOLS > CHECK NOW button. This selection for the scan will appear and then among the choices, choose “Automatically fix file system errors check boxes” or/and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”.
  • After that, simply press START so that the scan and recovery will begin.

Lastly, you will have to run a registry cleaner. The tool for this is the Frontline Registry Cleaner. In dealing with the registry database, you need to employ the use of a tool specially designed for such a delicate sector of the computer system. This program will clear up issues and prevent damaged files from causing problems with the operations of the computer.

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