Roger Federer’s Racket – Don’t Buy Roger Federers Racket Until You Read This Review

Roger Federer’s Racquet is the Wilson (K)Factor (K)SixOne Tour 90 racket. This racket has combined the popular ncode series and take a page straight from Wilson’s original ProsStaff days. Yes the same ProStaff used by the great Pete Sampras. Roger Federer’s racket has a lot of the old ProStaffs touches. The handle of the Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90 has a shorter pallet with more of the graphite shaft exposed. This was just like the Original ProStaff. Another small update was the string spacing at at the sweet spot. People were livid when they say that Roger Federer’s racket had 5 cross strings along the three and nine o’clock cross strings and the retail version had five. Wilson corrected that in this new version of the Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90. So now the retail version is almost identical to the version Roger uses. But enough tech talk let’s see how our testers liked playing with Roger Federer’s racket.

This stick is suited for advanced players. If you are a beginner this racket is not for you. Below we have a link to the best tennis rackets review and you’ll find a racket that will suit your development. For advanced players the Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90 got rave reviews on approach shots and slice backhands. Baseliners found Roger Federer’s racket delivered great accuracy, solid power and good top spin. The racket has a comfortble swing and amazing feel. Thsi racket allows you to absolutely crush the ball.

The Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90 was great with volleys. Our testers found the racket to be very solid and possess quality stability and amazing feel. Our testers felt that Roger Federer’s racket offered great depth and impeccable accuracy for their net game.

If you are looking for good pace and spin on your serve the Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90 will not disappoint. This stick will bring the heat. If you have a kick serve this racket will deliver excellent spin opportunities that your service game will certainly take advantage of.

Overall this a great racket. For intermediates who want a flashy racket Roger Federer’s racket is not quite for you. I would go with Rafeal Nadal’s babolat. Once you have advanced your game then move on to the Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90.