The Best Time to Get Pregnant Without Hassles

It is very important for every couple to know the ideal time to start a family as this will help them to be emotionally, physically and financially prepared. For a woman who is ready to start a family, there are some basic steps to take to understand the best time to get pregnant:

knowing the bond between the couple are strong enough to be able to make it through thick and thin both during pregnancy and formative years. Stating a family entails making a lot of decisions and compromises. If any of the partners are not ready to commit his /herself to the relationship, then it is not necessary getting pregnant in the first place.

Another very important step in knowing the best time to get pregnant is being financial sound to be able handle the bills that comes with pregnancy, birth and the child formative years. Couples are encouraged to have savings so as to be able to cover any unforeseen expenses. Taking an insurance to help in covering the cost of raising a child should also be encouraged.

Furthermore, stopping all forms of birth control is a prerequisite for any couple who is planning to get pregnant. Depending on the type of birth control being used, it can take the body sometime to have the correct hormone balance before pregnancy can take place.

In addition, it is advisable for every woman to know her menstrual cycle. For most women, it is usually 28-30 days cycle with the ovulation period (a woman’s most fertile period) being between 12-16 days after the menstrual period. During this period, the woman’s egg is released into the fallopian tube ready to be fertilized. For every woman trying to conceive, this is the best time to have sexual intercourse as the probability of getting pregnant is very high. At the approach of ovulation, the cervical mucus increases in volume, becomes more slippery and this helps sperm movement in the vagina. To be able to time the ovulation period right, women are encouraged to get an ovulation predictor kit.

Eating right, taking food and fruits rich in nutrients and vitamins is a must for couples desiring to start a family. Daily folic acid supplements should also taken regularly as this helps the system to adequately prepare for the task ahead, boosts the body immune system and on conception prevents the baby from having spin bifida, a condition in which the brain is not properly formed or is at least partly missing.