What Are the Characteristics of a Vacuum Cleaner?

Before embarking on the comparisons of vacuum cleaners on the market, let’s make a point of the characteristics and most importantly, what they represent. Then, you will have a smarter choice of the best vacuum cleaner.

Technical information

· The power consumption (in watts) is the energy consumption. A vacuum energy is not necessarily efficient; however, power is related to the intrinsic characteristics of the vacuum cleaner;

· The suction flow rate is expressed in L / min (liters per minute) – the volume of air will absorb your vacuum cleaner;

· Depression whose unit is kPa (kilo Pascal) is your suction force, the higher it is, the better it sucks;

· The capacity of the tank is indicated by L (liter), it depends on your frequency and nature of your applications;

· Weight in kilograms (kg) is important if you need to move frequently your device;

· The noise level in dB (decibels) brings you an auditory comfort if your use is frequent; the most sensitive opt for ear protection;

· The lengths of hose and power cord determine your range, fortunately, extensions exist!

· The battery, and in particular voltage and amperage, determines its power and autonomy;

· The accessories allow different uses; you can find them depending on your equipment:

· A brush – rectangular variable or triangular shape;

· A nozzle slot – for accurate aspiration;

· A nozzle for water and dust;

· A squeegee to smooth surfaces;

· A variable shaped nozzle brush;

· The aspirator tubes in coupling;

· A bent suction tube;

· Flexible variable-length suction;

Bag or without bag?

In short, a vacuum bag is uneconomical but hygienic and vice versa a vacuum cleaner bag without is economic and practical. The presence of a bag improves the filtration of dust, it may be a synthetic material (filter and resistant) or paper (cheap but at the lowest quality). The interest of the bag is to contain residues which are important if you are allergic to dust and dust mites.

For vacuum bag without sides except especially designed for housing models, emptying the tank of the vacuum cleaner can be a big annoying problem! And allergy can affect you again! As you can imagine, in contrast to models with bag, tanks without bag vacuum cleaners are subject to regular cleaning.

There are new features?

Some yes! Depending on the model, some options facilitate the task of cleaning or reduce hours of doing this with some specific and new features.

· The filter cleaning can be manual or automatic; manual, you remove the filter and you type; automatic, no need to disassemble for cleaning;

· Sync, compulsory taking to a vacuum shop: allow you to connect your power vacuuming, no more dust in the air;

· Blower, as the name suggests, transforms the vacuum blower: useful for dust in unreachable places or to group leaves;

· The two-stage engine for better weight distribution;

· Pre-filter, to better preserve the clogging of the filter;

I understood everything but I need a referral, you make me a proposal?

To make the right choice, estimate your needs. The technical characteristics of your vacuum cleaner are related to the nature of your work. The frequency of being used determines the quality of it; itself is determined by the strength of materials and brand awareness.

One last tip?

Choosing your vacuum cleaner should be based on a mix of specifications and features. The choice of materials and electronic components is also essential. Some vacuum cleaners are designed for industrial use and for other environments where hygiene is essential. Notice: a chip extractor is not a rubble vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner is not an ash vacuum -the ashes are particles which can be heated easily, they can damage the engine in case of suction.