Xbox 360 Red Light Error Fix For Modded and Unmodded Consoles

The Xbox 360 is a video game console with special graphical processors to improve the graphics of the multimedia game. The multimedia games though developed with high cutting edge technology requires suitable hardware to run the program so that the game looks very lively. When the hardware does not support the graphical resolution, the entire gaming experience is lost. Hence these facts pay way for the development of such console device with advance graphical processing unit that supports the game’s graphical resolution. Xbox 360 is a product from Microsoft Corporation and was introduced in the year 2005.


Users worldwide have complained about the overheating problem of the console while playing for long hours. Microsoft has stated that the problem is due to the failure of the cooling system. The motherboard consists of heat sinks that are placed over processors (CPU and GPU). The function of the heat sinks is to collect the hot air in and around the processor area and cool them through the heat sink grills as they pass through. The intercooler is placed near the heat sinks so that the air passes through the grills gets cooled by the intercooler.

But the problem now is that the heat developed is enormous and the heat sinks could not be able to handle them. Thus the temperature spreads through the entire motherboard and causes damage to the chips in the motherboard. Also, Microsoft stated that the reason for the overheating is due to large power consumption by the intercooler fan as it takes power from the motherboard power source. Thus the entire current must be flowing through the motherboard to reach the intercooler fan.


All these problems have led to the rise of the red light errors. Xbox 360 is programmed to display error message along with red light indication in the power ring. The power ring consist of four LED lights arranged in a quadratic fashion surrounding the power button. The lights glow depending upon the types of the error. In case of Xbox 360, errors like one red light, two red lights or four red lights are common. However these errors can be solved by the user with the help of user manual. The “Three Red Light Error” is also a common error in Xbox 360 whose problem is a bit difficult to solve. This error is otherwise called as the “Red Rings of Death” or as RRoD.


The only possible solution for this problem is to remove the X clamp from the motherboard that holds the heat sinks to the processor. The reason for removing the X clamp is because of the possibility of providing air cooling to the processors from the external environment. Thus the heat sinks are fixed to the motherboard by means of an alternate arrangement and with the help of the aluminum frame that holds the entire motherboard.

Repairing the Xbox can also be done with a help of repairing videos that are available in the internet. These video samples will clearly show you how to proceed with the repairing work. Thus you can able to solve the problem on your own and in a most economical way saving time and money.

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