Dream Your Life Positively

You and your dreams operate in accordance with the natural laws of the universe.

You wish it; send the message out. Create your own dream.

Script it, visualize it, and see it take shape and materialize in your real life.

My friend Lara Danns, an acclaimed actress and yoga instructor place it this way, “as a yoga instructor, I find myself sharing these affirmations with my students as they rest in savasana, their bodies at rest, minds open to positive suggestion. I have seen my own life unfold like a story book that I wrote with my mind”.

This magnificent power is transmuted into small things; day-to-day behavior, manners, the choices that we make in the ordinariness of daily human life.

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to receive all the love you can get.

Does this affirmation stir something inside your head?

When I asked a good friend of mine, Damian Lee, a successful and internationally celebrated film director, to tell me his impressions about this book on positive affirmations while it was only an ebook project, this is what he said: “I’m familiar with and have used the techniques in Dream Your Life Positively and I could see the immediate results which have improved my daily life. I suggest you should ask yourself a simple question before starting; do you have the will and courage to accept full responsibilities of your wishes and actions?”

This is the foundation and the building block that anchors your spiritual and material wealth. When this concept finally makes sense and stirs you, then you will know that your mind is ready for a spiritual leap.

In the mid 80’s holistic therapist and good friend of mine, Penny Page, introduced me to different types of relaxation and explained to me the principles of visualization.

I was very low and down on my luck. What do I have to lose? I thought.

Time? That I had plenty of!

Sit down and do exercises that will clear my mind?

I needed more than that, but the ability to simply clear my mind would be priceless. Anyone going through turmoil in business or a personal relationship understands this point well. As I usually do with every cause I take to heart, I started reading every book and listening to every tape I could find on the subject, and developed a program that worked for me.

The changes started to happen almost immediately, one after another. I knew then that a new door had been opened for me, and that the sky was the limit. I started to learn how to dream my life in a positive way.

This day-dreaming exercise will open your mind to new experiences and expand your horizons. It is not the same experience as your regular night dreams. Night dreams often require us to “live our questions” rather than supplying an instant answer. We should look at our dreams as a window of opportunity that enlarges our horizon. They offer us a different view of our daily lives, free us from the tunnel-vision we have been conditioned to live.

For the moment, put your night dream images to the side and start to dream your life for real, in a very positive way. There is nothing religious about it, and no religion that is good for you should tell you that you cannot have it all.

You want to be happy!

You want to be successful!

You want to be wealthy!

We create the means and ways with which we create our own environments of dreams or nightmares. Once you realize this simple truth, you have taken the first step in this incredible spiritual journey, and are ready to start the chain reaction.

Just imagine, you are a fragment of this incredible, miraculous force.You are a fragment of God. You are stardust.

Here is my free little secret affirmations, which have made the fortune of several authors.

Exercise, affirmations:

Say it in your mind only, whisper it, or say it out loud.

Do it in the way that feels the most comfortable for you.

If by any chance, at any other time during the day or evening, you encounter a difficult situation or something that is upsetting you, read these affirmations again, and see a shift taking place in your inner core.

Also use these affirmations before confronting a challenging situation, or if you are going to see a client, looking for a job, or presenting a new idea to your boss.

When you repeat them for the second time, try doing it with your eyes closed and feeling the meaning of the affirmation, living and experiencing every word of it. Make a copy of the affirmations below and paste it on your desk, computer station, personal agenda, any place you are likely to see it several times a day.

You can simply mentally say them, whisper or say them out loud.


Now repeat each affirmation three times.

1-I deserve to be happy and successful. (repeat 3 times)

2-I deserve to have tremendous success in all areas of my life. (repeat 3 times)

3-I deserve to collect all the wealth and the rich rewards of my success. (repeat 3 times)

4-I am now ready to receive more love, support and wealth from the vast supply of the universe. (repeat 3 times)

5-I now have the power to bring about all the positive changes in my life I desire. (repeat 3 times)

6-I accept full responsibility for everything happening in my life. (repeat 3 times)

7-I accept only the good and the positive and I reject all that is negative. (repeat 3 times)

8-I am positively changing my life now, for the better in every possible way. (repeat 3 times)

Have a great journey.

Ton Pascal

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