Facebook Games Crash – Stop Games Crashing in Facebook

It is not unusual that Facebook games crash in a lot of PCs. Most people believe that their computers are infected with some virus or spyware which is stopping them to play online games. However, in reality this problem is caused by the internal problems of the Windows and the programs installed in the computer. We all know that to play the multimedia content on web the most important application we use is the Shockwave Flash player. The same player operates in many of the games running in Facebook. To fix the games crashing in Facebook you will need internally tune up your Windows.

Here are given a few simple steps which will help you if Facebook games crash in your PC:

Repair Active-X, Flash and Other Registry Errors: There occurs a lot of errors in the Windows registry which is a database containing hundreds of thousands of registry entries required to run programs properly. Most of the times the games crash in Facebook because of the problems with the Flash player. It is recommended to repair active-x, flash and other registry errors with some efficient registry repairing tool.

Flash Player Compatibility: Sometimes users are not aware that they are running that version of Shockwave Flash player which is not compatible with their Windows/Browsers. It has been found of great help to completely remove the existing version of the player and then install the newest version.

You can read the Adobe’s official guide to uninstall the current version of the Flash player from your computer. After doing this you should install the latest Flash player plug-in from the Adobe’s web site. However, if you have already tried it you may install some previous version such as their version 9 to check if your games and videos running fine in the browser.

Updating the Sound Drivers: It is also observed that a lot of Facebook games crash were occurring due to the corrupted or missing sound drivers in the PCs. It is not a bad idea to update the drivers for the sound card device.