Get Acquainted With the Most Common Graphic Design Tools

To start off, I’d like to give a little glimpse at what graphic design means. It is the artistic process that creatively produces a bridge to effectively communicate ideas through visual materials brought forth by the use of technology. It is a growing career field and even a pleasurable hobby.

To best create the perfect concoction to let your message be known to your audience, knowing how to use graphic design tools is a must.

This article gives you information on what the commonly used tools are and how they work:

• Photoshop is one of the many popular products, built and published by Adobe. It is an epitome of the collection of graphics editing standards that professionals, amateur designers and even hobbyists use. Most ultimately skilled image manipulators, photographers and graphic designers make use of this product. With Photoshop’s advanced features such as history brush, layers, color correction, comprehensive editing manipulation and more, one can edit images or create an entirely new image just from scratch.

• CorelDRAW is a product created and published by the Corel Corporation. It is a vector graphics editing software from where the CorelDraw Graphics Suite evolved. Vector based, meaning node-edit tool, it acts variedly on varied objects. Its many features and/or tools can be grouped into these general categories: color and color management, professional output, performance and productivity, user interface enhancements, desktop publishing, precision, typography, creation tools, compatibility and integration, and bit map effects.

• Flash, a software originally from Macromedia became Adobe Flash after the company having been acquired by Adobe in a merger. It is a tool used to create moving images made into movies, games, embedded devices and other web or mobile applications. It is supported by a scripting language called ActionScript. Flash is both vector and raster graphics based. Raster graphics refers to a grid of pixels making up a computer graphics.

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