Hkcmd EXE Error Fix – How To Repair Hkcmd EXE Errors On Your PC

The hkcmd.exe file is an important system component in your PC. It’s name is more or less an acronym for an application that uses it, a useful tool called the Hotkey Command Interpreter. These two files work in tandem to manage keyboard shortcuts, which are tools that speed up work. If you are experiencing errors related to the hkcmd.exe file, it may probably be caused by hkcmd.exe file being damaged, missing or corrupted. In order to repair this problem, just follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

This error typically is displayed as the following on screen message:

Cannot find c:\winnt\system\hkcmd.exe”

The file is a vital component of the Intel Graphics Drivers of your PC. These drivers perform a crucial function in your system, as they assist in loading up many chipset instructions for your computer. The file is constantly run by your system and is normally activated when you press a combination the of CTRL + ALT + F12 keys. Whenever you do these commands, the file will display information regarding the graphics card of your PC. In cases where you don’t get the intended response/s, it means that the file is experiencing errors due to your PC not being able to read these files properly. To rectify this issue, you need to re-install affected drivers in your PC and fix affected system software programs.

To reinstall your PC’s Intel Graphics drivers, you first need to click Start in your PC’s Windows bar. Then on ‘My Computer’, right click your mouse then choose Properties. From the list that pops up next, select Hardware. Next choose Device Manager then find the Graphics Adapter, right click then select Uninstall driver. Finally, restart your computer. Viruses are also known to cause blue screen errors such as the hkcmd.exe error, by corrupting or reconfiguring files. To fix these types of issues, you need to use a trusted virus removal program. This kind of application is specially made to remove viruses and similar threats in your PC quickly and efficiently. There are many versions and types of antivirus programs available on the market, or it’s possible to download free antivirus software from the internet directly.

Errors such the hkcmd.exe error can also originate from the registry of your Windows operating system. The registry is a valuable component of your PC, being the major database in your system for all your program files and settings. As a central data house, it stores all settings and files that Windows uses itself for its operation. Whenever Windows runs or loads a certain application, it retrieves all the necessary processing information from the registry. However, the registry frequently suffers from breakdowns and failures. When these things happen, the processing speed of your PC slows down significantly, and some files will not be read correctly, which would lead to blue screen errors such as the hkcmd.exe error. Internal issues with the registry need to be resolved quickly for your system to resume normal operations. You can accomplish by using a dependable registry cleaner utility, which is an application that is specially made for this complex task.

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