How to Draw a Pyramid in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, Pyramid is a tool to show relationship between unit and different Quantities. It is available in Insert menu-chart menu. This diagram is based upon two different type of data. The data which you want to show in a statistical medium. For representing the Data in Statistical medium we put one data in X axis and other Y axis.

For Representing data in this medium you perform given steps

  1. Go to Insert menu
  2. Chart menu
  3. Choose pyramid category
  4. After choosing category an Excel sheet open with the pyramid chart
  5. Data are entered into Excel field.

Thus we create the pyramid of any type of data.

After creating pyramid you can change the design, look of your chart representation

In this tool there were three major Area first Floor area, Plane area, and The pyramid.

On right clicking Floor, Plane or Pyramid you choose format option for changing colour line design etc.

This option is also helpful to show multiple data in statistical way. By using this option you provide different type data as food and their content. Food and their content ratio is one of the fine example of pyramid diagram.

Population pyramid is one of the best example of pyramid diagram. This is a very effective manner to compare male and female population. By using this type of pyramid you can show about health status of the city, nations. The top part of Pyramid shows no of older people and lower part of this show birth rate or number of infant.

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