How to Fix the Blue Screen of Death

Nowadays, humans have discovered many types of mechanical devices which are helping them to do their work in a quick time. Previously all the works used to be accomplished with the help of the papers that are very sensitive in nature and can be easily damaged in a small period. To rectify these problems, human have searched for its alternatives. Computer is one of the suitable devices that have managed to take the place of paper. Computer is an electromechanical device, which are storing a large amount of data and that can be recalled anytime. So present days, computer systems are becoming the first choice of commercial sectors. Like human body, it is also facing some problems. It may be in software or hardware section. Some time due to many operations done at a time can create the blue screen of death problem. When it appears your screen background will be changed to blue color and text in white. To avoid this you need to know how to fix the blue screen of death and for that you have to follow some easy steps.

Firstly, reboot your pc; if it starts without any disturbances then go for the start button. Press the powers switch for some time and after that if it is starting normally then it is okay.
After that if your problem is not solved completely, then check all wires of CPU. Sometimes wires that come from the SMPS are disconnected and make such a type of problem.

Some time these problems are appearing due to the problem of hard disk and it required immediate replacement. In case of hard disk defects always it is better to contact with hardware professionals for the best service.

Always use the Microsoft company approved devices to avoid these problems. These are the better ideas about how to fix the blue screen of death.

When Random Access Memory is faulty, PC stops working every time area of RAM is been accessed by CPU. This causes the PC to halt almost Random. The simple process of getting rid of is to remove one stick of RAM & see in case problem goes away. In case, it does, then your computer is fixed!

Over time, registry of the windows gets cluttered with plenty of information. In case, you experience to slow down in the PC during boot-up to times, then opening up of the new folders, or surfing windows, it is likely that your registry has plenty of information that has to wade through. This being case, it is the good idea getting the good registry cleaner & improve performance speed of the PC. The errors that are fixed in the registry will as well prevent the Blue screen error crashes.

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