Is Lockerz Just Another Fraud Site?

Is Lockerz another scam site?

Absolutely not! This site 100% legitimate and does send you prizes. You can search all over the internet and find videos of people worldwide unboxing prizes they have received form Lockerz. You also have to be wondering… how do they afford to send out that many prizes? And are they just using the world wide web right now to gather everyone’s information so that they can sell it to advertisers?

Well first off Lockerz is run by high reputable people. The current CEO is Kathy Savitt. She used to be the Vice President at and the CMO at American Eagle. Also this site is funded by Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner Videos. As you can see, this site isn’t playing around, they want to be big. All of this information ties into the question, how do they afford to send out so many prizes? Lockerz was launched in March of 2009 and started off with 50 users throughout the US. They wanted to establish a reputation that this site isn’t a scam so they made the prizes on their online store very cheap. I am talking 10x less than other similar prize sites. So members are accumulating enough points, which is their currency, to buy a $300 item in about month or less. In result to these low prices, thousands joined everyday. Now they have over 2 million members within several months after launch, which is simply amazing. As I said before, their funding is Liberty Media so they can afford to ship out thousands and thousands of prizes ranging from about $5-$2000 each. So the answer to the question, they are building a reputation and they are sending out tons of prizes to people worldwide showing that their company is 100% legit.

Now to answer the easiest question. Are they going to be selling their members’ information? Absolutely not, If they did do that they would completely lose their reputation and all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into their site will be gone to waste. Just to prove that Lockerz is not scam even more, they have sponsored many fashion shows, and have become partners with the clothing line Ruffian.

To sum it all up, this site is most definitely not a scam.

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