Is Your Web Hosting Company Suspending Your Website Stating CPU Limit Exceeded?

When your website is becoming popular, it is important to have a steady web host. If you are with the wrong web hosting provider, it is very likely that they will suspend your account saying you are monopolizing CPU resources.

There are many reasons why you could be getting this:

  • You went with an overselling web host – in order for a host to make as much money as possible of a server, they will try and cram as many accounts on it as possible. If this means suspending 2 top using websites in order to fit in 50 more, they will have no hesitation when its time to suspend your website.
  • You went with an unlimited web hosting provider – unlimited web hosts are real shady operations. They claim to offer unlimited disk space/ unlimited bandwidth, but when it comes time to throw down they never follow through. They will say…yes we do offer unlimited disk space, however since your site is monopolizing the servers RAM and CPU we have a legit reason to suspend your account.
  • Your website is too large for a shared web hosting plan – Eventually your site will become too large to be on a shared hosting plan. When this is the case, it a VPS (virtual private server) is a good solution for the next step up in web hosting servers. VPS tend to be affordable and they provide you with the needed CPU and RAM resources that you were being suspended for originally.

While there are many reasons your website may have been suspended for CPU abuse, 95% of the time it’s because you are going with an inadequate web hosting service. You may want to consider spending more money for a higher quality shared hosting provider in order to get a better service.

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