Jonathan Budd’s MLM Mastermind System Review

Let’s get right to the point here, fellow online network marketer. There’s a BIG problem with brining people into this industry and trying to duplicate your success in your organization. Putting it bluntly, I had one HECK of a time getting everything setup to make a living online with online network marketing. The Online MLM Mastermind System puts an end to all of the tech-geek, and non-business-minded rookies coming to the Internet to make money online.

Here’s a quick synopsis to how I had to setup my online network marketing sales funnel, and how the MLM Mastermind System “cuts through all of the BULL” and brings you right to the forefront of the online trends network marketing today:

  1. I spent MONTHS learning how to create websites (code, html, javascript, autoresponders, capture forms, web graphics… the works..)
  2. I spent a bunch MORE time learning copywriting (which you SHOULD learn anyway, but I had to custom-create page after page of sales letters… BLAH)
  3. I had to setup merchant accounts, shopping cart software, and a bunch of other junk to accept payments online.
  4. I had to research my own affiliate programs to promote (so I could make money on my web traffic no matter if someone joined my business or not). This is the funded proposal concept, and if you’re in online network marketing and DON’T know about this concept, you’ve probably lost a bunch of money… so listen closely to the rest of this..
  5. After all of this, my own personal “system” had no RESIDUAL income value (other than promoting my own network marketing opportunities).

So, how does the Online MLM Mastermind System take care of all of these issues?

  1. You don’t need to learn ANY code, html, java… NOTHING! All of the webpages with professional graphics are already made for you!
  2. All of the sales copy (the words on the page that make people take ACTION) are not only already there… they’re already optimized to give you HIGH conversion rates!
  3. No more tedious merchant accounts… If you’ve got a paypal account, you’re all set. If not, it’s free and takes all of 5 minutes to set one up. The system takes payments for you, and uses paypal to deposit commissions right into your bank account.
  4. Affiliate programs? Funded proposals? How about the system includes about 14 income streams, 2 of which earn you residuals… All on autopilot, with no added time commitment…
  5. Did I mention the residuals? (ha ha)

Now, you MUST understand that it still takes work to promote your own network marketing website, capture pages, or even a system such as the MLM Mastermind System. You MUST learn marketing. Period. This is the art of getting people to your OWN version of this system. This eliminates so much of the headaches that I had to go through, and it is the ONLY online MLM system that I promote to my own team. I give the Online MLM Mastermind System a 10 out of 10!

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