Micro Niche Finder – Secret Formula For the Strength of Competition Calculation

Micro Niche Finder (MNF) is a great keyword analysis software. For each market niche you get a list of similar and related keywords. For every keyword you get local and global search count, Google search trends, exact phrase count, ad cost, online commercial intention, measure of backlinks and SOC – Strength of Competition. This parameter is crucial to correctly estimate the effort needed to succeed with this keyword.

For a profitable micro niche you need phrases with high search volume (a lot of people searching for this word phrase) and weak competition (small number of pages related to it). Search volume needs no further explanation. It is the number of monthly searches. More searches means more potential visitors, more visitors means higher chances to sell items or services. However, the number of pages related to your target keyword can be used to estimate the competition, but the number itself tells little about the content of competing pages. Fortunately, Micro Niche Finder provides an additional feature to estimate the strength of competition (SOC).

This SOC parameter is a simple number. If it is below 50 it is colored green which means weak competition and little effort needed to rank high for this keyword. Higher SOC values mean more effort needed for top ranking. If you click this SOC number you get three additional parameters: inanchor count, intitile count and inurl count. These three parameters are directly related to Google search operators, in fact they are exactly the operators used in the search query. This way you get the number of pages where your target keyword in present in the anchor text of some link, in the title of the page or in the URL. The question is how is the Strength of Competition parameter calculated?

Here is the secret formula: the SOC parameter is the intersection of the pages with all three search operators. Simple as that. In other words, the Strength Of Parameter number as displayed in MNF is the number of pages that have the target keyword at the same time in page title, in url and in anchor text. The MNF searches up to 1000 results. Here is the actual query example for the “long domain name” keyword:


This is a part of the url of the Google search query, you have to enter in into the address bar of the browser after the http://www.google.com.

As you can see from the query parameters, the start number is 900 and the num parameter is set to 100 to get the actual number of intersection pages up to 1000. The best way to test this formula is to enter the query in your browser and test it with your keywords.