Momo Design Watches Review – Bold and High-Tech Watches Crafted Out of Non-Traditional Materials

If you’re looking for a unique timepiece with a creative design, then Momo is the brand to go with. These watches are characterized by a creative and sporty feel. The company actually didn’t start out making watches. In the 1980s, it began as a manufacturer of accessories for luxury cars. The name MOMO derives from the Italian racer Giampiero Moretti and the province Monza, which is located in Milan. Momo Design watches didn’t hit the market until some years later. Today, they are very popular among watch enthusiasts and casual wearers both.

One of the reasons why these timepieces stand out is because they are made using non-traditional materials. You will find some made out of magnesium, titanium, carbon fiber, and other unique materials. They tend to have very modern designs, some of which have a sporty appearance. There are also some diver and pilot watches. Men and women will both find many great looking, high-tech watches to choose from.

For women, there are pretty watches available in every color imaginable, from white to hot pink. While many of the pieces are bright and bold, there are some that have a bit of elegance and class. One of the Pilot Lady pieces, for instance, has a white leather strap and a white mother of pearl dial embellished with diamonds.

For men, there are some black and bold Pilot watches. These tend to have either large, square dials or round dials. The stainless steel material used to make some of these watches is black ion plated. On one particular model, the black dial features a minute and hour hand in bright red and matte silver tone. The second hand is entirely bright red.

Another popular watch for men is one with a titanium case that is black-ion plated. It has an interesting geometric design on the black dial. The rubber strap is also black. The markers on the dial and hands are white. This great-looking watch has a clasp with a push button deployment.

One of the most prestigious watches by Momo is the Men’s Pilot XL. This is a limited edition chronograph automatic timepiece with a black rubber strap and titanium case. It costs a bit more than over watches in the series, but it’s worth every dime to any man who favors prestigious name-brand watches that are built to last. The quality of the titanium, rubber, and other materials used in the craftsmanship is outstanding.

That said, all Momo Design watches have something to offer in terms of style and quality. These are, in short, gorgeous pieces that appeal to just about every taste.

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