Oops! Runtime Errors – How to Fix a Computer Runtime Error Perfectly

Runtime error is a type of compute errors when a specific program is running. Usually, the error is linked to missing, damaged or out-of-date files in the Windows registry. Or, some application errors or virus infection can be the source of this runtime error.

If your computer is troubled with runtime errors, it is probably suffered unable to run an application smoothly, decreasing usage of CPU or even slow computer speed. So, you cannot neglect risk of such error. But, do not feel afraid of it. This article will tell you how to fix a computer runtime error in order to solve all these problems and speed up computer to the end.

As it is involved several aspects of computer, you can follow the suggestions to fix the problem step by step:

1. Remove Virus from your computer
If runtime error occurs due to virus infection, it is a must to get rid of this virus out of your computer as soon as possible. In fact, computer virus is the culprit of most computer problems including runtime errors. Any minor virus can bring unforeseen disaster to your computer. But it is known to all that to remove virus from computer is too hard for common computer users. Therefore, when you have encountered this kind of error, it is your first method to overhaul your computer with professional anti-virus software.

2. Check the running applications
Since runtime errors happen during the execration of applications, you are supposed to check if the currently-running ones are working normally. In such case, it is probably the problem of the application itself. Therefore, you can close down and reopen this program firstly to see whether it appears or not.

If it comes up again, you need to uninstall this application and then reinstall on your computer. Besides, it is better not download unknown software from malicious websites. Such hostile programs do not only bring potential viruses to your computer but also leave vulnerability to the occurrence of runtime errors.

3. Clean Windows Registry
When the error is not caused by virus infection or application problems, you really take Windows registry errors into account. As registry serves as the database of your computer, any broken, damaged or out-of-date registry entry can lead to a computer runtime error. It is urgent to repair your registry problems when the errors happen.

However, registry is too fragile to be changed manually because a tiny operation miss can lead to big problems on your computer even computer go crashed. It is wise to use some professional Windows registry cleaners to help you. In this regard, you should run a reliable registry cleaner on your computer in question.

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