Operation Bad Karma

Operation Timeline:

Registration: 0800

Sniper Briefing: 0830

Sniper Deployment: 0900

Scenario Briefing: 0900

Mission Start (H-Hour): 1000

Chow: 1300

Resume Operations: 1400

Final Mission: 1600

Cease Operations: 1700

Awards Ceremony: 1730

The Scenario

After three years of open combat, and twenty years of cautious peace, Serbia and Bosnia find themselves engaged in war yet again.

Two years of warfare finds both factions have grown weary of the constant battle. Each side has determined that peace is the only option for their continued survival. A peace treaty location was decided and the armies have stood down in a cease fire to allow the talks to take place.

A Bosnian dissident has determined that peace will mean the end of their way of life. This commander has set up a team to assassinate the leader of the Serb negotiation delegation, Geco Boscovich. Serb spies soon learn of this plan. The Serbian commander then decided to fight fire with fire. He sends his own sniper team(s) out to eliminate the opposing leader, Mile Sablic.

The simultaneous ambush sparks both standing armies into action. Montenegro is the ultimate goal to gain a valuable port.

U.S. Army 2nd Ranger Battalion has been sent in to help defend the Montenegrin capitol. A small squad is caught in the midst of this sudden explosion of action.

The country side is littered with unexpended ordnance and old mines. Some of this material is usable, but some of it is unstable.

It is now time to bring this conflict into resolution by the ultimate test of combat. Ready your army and prove your worth in the trial of combat…


All players will carry casualty cards to determine their injuries when hit. See medic rules below.

Snipers will deploy at H minus 1 and will move into position and setup a sniper hide to eliminate a predetermined high value target (HVT). Snipers will be given an intel packet and special colored paint. They will have a photo, the location and a time estimate of the HVT’s arrival. Special points will be awarded for the assassination of the HVT. See Sniper Rules Below.

At H-Hour, teams will begin their movement from their specified starting locations and will patrol to their assigned staging area.

Generals will control a floating Casualty Collection Point (CCP) for hit personnel to go to and receive first aid.

Upon arrival at the staging area, general’s will deploy assault teams to capture the negotiation meeting place, the Communications array, the main objective (Montenegro) and the other teams Staging Area if they wish.

When capturing the Communications array, a team must hold and fly their team flag for 5 minutes to gain/regain air superiority. Generals who have air superiority will then be able to perform close air support with the use of an AC-130 Spectre Gunship and MH-6 Littlebirds.

Teams must fight for control of these 4 objectives: Staging Areas, Negotiation Meeting Place, Communications Array and Montenegro.

Throughout the day there will be referees who will award team members with Teamwork commendations for outstanding actions and sportsmanship.

Paint, air and food should be carried on the players in rucksacks. It will be difficult to return back to your vehicles. Chow will be at 13:00 and players will eat at their current positions.

Medic Rules: Each player will be given a SEALED casualty card. ONLY THE MEDIC IS ALLOWED TO OPEN THE CASUALTY CARD. The medic will be the Referee assigned to your CCP. Any player who is found opening their casualty card will receive 5 Penalty points. Once a player is hit, they must move immediately to their CCP for first aid. The medic will then assess the casualty by opening their casualty card. Wounded players will be able to immediately deploy back into the scenario. Killed in Action (KIA) players will remain at the CCP until the next reinsertion is announced.

Sniper Rules: If you are or plan on being a sniper, this will determine if you ever want to be a real sniper. This will also dispel any myth that there are no snipers in paintball. Snipers, you have one target and one target only. Once you receive your intel packet, you will deploy one hour early to establish your sniper position to engage your high value target at the specified location and time. Your sole mission is to NOT compromise your position and eliminate the HVT. You could have the full battle all around you and you must maintain your discipline and wait for your one shot. You may feed your team intel. Your mission success could drastically win the scenario for your team. You will receive special colored paint from the Bad Karma staff. At the time of the arrival of the HVT, you will then determine how you wish to engage. Remember, he won’t be there long!

Helicopter Rules: THERE IS NO FIRING MARKERS AT HELICOPTERS OR OCCUPANTS. The only way to shoot down a helicopter is with a LAW or RPG (Nerf Rockets). A helicopter is designated by the pilot with the ORANGE helicopter symbol above his head. ONLY 6 Troops and 1 Pilot allowed per helicopter. Once your team is given a HELO Operation, a pilot and up to 6 passengers should be assigned. A helicopter is in flight when the pilot is standing and/or walking. A helicopter is landed when the pilot takes a knee. There is NO embarking, disembarking or shooting while the helicopter is in flight. All passengers must have one hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. Any rocket hit to the pilot or passengers will shoot down the helicopter and all occupants are eliminated.

The Final mission will begin at 1600 hours and will be an all out assault for control of Montenegro.

At 1700, the scenario will cease and teamwork points will be tallied. The team with the most points will win.

Teamwork Points:

Teams start out with 5 teamwork points. Throughout the scenario they will receive teamwork points based on on-the-spot commendations.

Teamwork Penalty: -5pt

Teamwork commendation: 5pt

Objective Points:

YOUR Staging Area: 1pt for every 5 minutes

ENEMY Staging Area: 10pts for every 5 Minutes

Montenegro: 5pts for every 5 minutes

Personnel Points:

Enemy Casualty: 1pt

Sniper Points:

HVT Body Shot: 100 points

HVT Head Shot: 150 Points

Suggested Packing List:

* Your regular paintball setup

* WATER (You must have a way to carry your water on you for the duration of the day)

* Come with a FULL Air Tank (Air will be provided, however, time will be saved if everyone comes with a full tank)

* All the paint you can carry (Resupply options will be limited. Don’t expect to be able to refill pods every 15 minutes)

* Lunch (Be sure to pack a lunch that you will carry with you. At 1300 hrs game play will cease and you will eat at your location)

* Radio (Your team will benefit from as many radios as possible to coordinate movement and assaults)

* LAW or RPG (Nerf Rocket Launcher)

*The information above is subject to change prior to and during the event as safety and game play warrants; solely at the discretion of event organizers. The goal of this event is to provide a fun and safe paintball experience for all players.

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