Preview PDF Files in Outlook 2007 For Free

Outlook 2007 gives you the ability to preview attachments right in the Reading Pane. The only problem is, you can’t preview PDF files with it. At least you can’t until you set up Outlook to use the free PDF previewer that’s built into current versions of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader (which is also often referred to as Acrobat Reader) is a free program from Adobe for viewing PDF files. As its name implies, it is only for viewing (reading) these files, not for creating them. If you receive PDF files as email attachments, you are probably used to saving them, then opening them in a separate program to view them.

In most cases, the program you are using to view them is Adobe Reader. When you set up Outlook to use the PDF previewer, you take advantage of the same technology, but this time you don’t have to leave Outlook to do the preview. Previewing attached PDF files without ever leaving Outlook saves you a little time and effort each time around.

Setting this up isn’t hard. All you need to do is download the current version of Adobe Reader, install it, then configure Outlook 2007 to use it. In most cases, it will only take you a few minutes to complete the entire process. Even if you don’t normally make changes to the software running on your computer, if you can follow simple directions, you can set this up yourself. The time and hassle you will save in the future make the small amount of effort required well worth it.