Where to Find CS2 Photoshop Tutorials

So what can you do with CS2? For starters, a lot. Provided you know how. But if you think masking is what you do on Halloween or if you have no idea what interfaces are, you need help. Why not try learning CS2 Photoshop through tutorials? That’s probably the best way to do it because you get to use the software at the same time. Here are some great resources to help you get started on your CS2 Photoshop tutorials:


Another site that offers resources for CS Photoshop tutorials is this site. You’ll find CD-ROMs and DVDs here, along with consumer reviews to help you decide on your purchase. There are also free CS2 tutorials you can use and the site even offers 3 free chapters of a popular training video for free. There are 20 you can use, enough to introduce the functions and features of CS2 Photoshop to you. The demo movies require a QuickTime player.

If you want to access several other CS2 Photoshop titles, click on the links to Advanced Artistry, Illustrator CS2, InDesign CS2 and Photoshop for Photographers.


Whether you’re learning CS2 as a web designer, illustrator, digital artist or photographer, there are plenty of lessons you can use on this site. Most of the tutorials featured here are video tutorials and you have a choice: pick the free lessons or buy the video CDs from the site.

If you want to see the free tutorials first, click on the links and start your lesson. From the basics to the intermediate to the advanced, you’ll find plenty to like about this site. The CS2 tutorials are easy to follow and you won’t need other resources for the meantime.

On the other hand, if textual or online instructions aren’t your thing, buy the CDs featured here. Dwayne Ferguson’s Adobe Photoshop CS2 tutorial offers 148 lessons all grouped nicely in a 10-hour package. You can use the CD whether you’re a PC or Mac user and the lessons are offered step-by-step. If you like, you can even skip some and go directly to the more advanced tutorials.


If your intention is to improve your photography skills, go to this site. You can log in as a member for free and access the CS2 Photoshop tutorials online. Basic membership offers you CS2 for beginners, photographers and photo restoration. Looking for a career in fashion and entertainment? Try CS2 tutorials for the Creative Soul and CS2 Cosmetic Surgery. Everything here is designed to make you a proud and confident photo and image editing expert.

If you want to learn more at your own pace, check out the links to the CS2 Photoshop CD and DVD titles, books, manuals and other software. These are great supplemental sources to use when you’re advancing in skill.


Want more than your basic CS2 Photoshop software? Go to this site. It features ‘Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS2’ by Deke McClelland. The DVD package has three goodies to choose from: Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS2, Creative Suite 2 (CS2) Standard Bundle and Adobe Creative Suite 2 – from Design to Delivery.

McClelland is a Photoshop Hall of Famer and there are 21 hours of tutorials featured on the DVD. If you want to learn how people in the real world actually use CS2 Photoshop, this is the tutorial for you. The material also offers bonus stuff like lessons on Smart Objects and Vanishing Point, indispensable skills you’ll need when you advance. Great tutorials for beginners and advanced learners.