Yoli Review – Want Yoli Success?

Yoli has quickly become one of the hottest multi-level marketing companies. This Yoli review shows it has already generated in excess of one million dollars in pre-launch orders and is on track to exceed one million per month. Yoli’s water source is rated the best in the USA and has a pH of 7.7.

Yoli looks to be a very solid entry into the network marketing industry and has the makings to be the next giant following in the footsteps of Morinda (Tahitian Noni), Xango, and Mona Vie. We will all be watching Yoli closely to see if it eclipses the sales records recently set by Mona Vie. Yoli is able to preserve nutrients and flavor that other companies kill in processing! Yoli’s mission is to educate the public and unveil all the hidden stuff in this industry – hot filling and pasteurizing that kill nutrients, SUGAR – the #1 cause of the obesity epidemic in America, artificial sweeteners that are toxic, preservatives that are harmful if swallowed, artificial colors and flavors, fillers and binders, and more. Yoli is launching a new line of health beverages that are truly unique. They have taken whole food ingredients at the peak of freshness and freeze dried a proprietary blend.

This Yoli review found that Yoli states to “Share the products part time, generate income full time and get paid what your worth”. Yoli believes good old-fashioned word of mouth marketing, combined with a progressive hi-tech, hi-touch approach is the best way to introduce Yoli Blast Caps to the world. Yoli also offers MLM opportunity by marketing their products through network marketing. Yoli has a hybrid-binary compensation plan that pays both like a binary and a unilevel pay plan. The unilevel is ten levels deep with a Dynamic Compression.

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