Advantages and Disadvantagses of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is a program used to develop Websites in terms of design. There are many sites online that were made from Dreamweaver. It’s become a bit of a staple in the industry, and the new CS5 version is no exception.

Just as is the case with most every program though, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding whether the cost of CS5 is worth if for your particular needs and interests.


– Popularity

CS5, and Dreamweaver in general, is quite widespread across the Internet. This means that there is a lot of knowledge out there on the program. There are entire communities of individuals devoted to Dreamweaver and CS5. This allows you to go on to those communities and ask questions about the program there and get a quick response. So this is a major advantage Dreamweaver and CS5 has over other programs that might not be as well known.

The familiarity of the program will also make it easier to find anyone nearby who might know of it, and any kind of help you might get whether official or unofficial is more likely since the program is so well known.

– Complete Management

Dreamweaver isn’t just a tool for developing a single page. It can also develop entire websites, integrating them all together with a variety of different integrating tools. This cuts down on the amount of extra work you have to do, or the extra tools and programs you may need. Dreamweaver CS5 allows you to use all these different tools together in a single program.

– Speed and Integration

The CS5 update for Dreamweaver, which came out in April of 2010, is also known for having good speed and web integration. Working with images on the web is easier than in previous versions. The speed at which the program is capable of working has also been much improved.

CS5 also integrates well with the rest of the Adobe suite, making it easier to go back and forth between different programs for more total control over various procedures on your computer, such as desktop publishing.


– Price

Dreamweaver is quite expensive, costing a thousand dollars to buy initially in some cases, and then hundreds of dollars after that to upgrade to versions like CS5, in addition to subscription costs. This makes it more of a program designed for larger corporations, and in many cases more difficult for individuals to buy on their own.

– Interface Problems

CS5 suffers from some interface troubles that can make it hard to deal with, since it’s not specifically designed from a Windows or Mac based environment. It comes instead from Flash, which can make some of its features counterintuitive to use.

This means that the program can be very beneficial to some in some situations, but the price might be a bit much for those who have previous versions or who don’t have a need for websites beyond simple designs.