Five Reasons to Buy an LCD Computer Monitor

When buying a computer monitor, you will always come upon the dilemma over what type of display to get. You currently have two choices: a liquid crystal display (LCD) and a cathode ray tube (CRT).

LCDs are the more recent type of computer monitors. Based on looks alone, LCDs are sleeker, lighter and more appealing to the eyes than CRTs which tend to be on the bulky and heavy side. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with an LCD computer monitor.

* Sleek Design

LCDs simply look sleeker than CRTs. They are thin and streamlined. An LCD is very thin that the only dimensions that truly count are its length and width. CRTs, on the other hand, are very bulky and heavy with their protruding backs. The length, width and thickness of a CRT computer monitor are of considerable proportions. With an LCD, you can free up a lot of space on your desk.

* Light Weight

Because they are thinner, LCDs are naturally lighter than CRT monitors of the same display size. This makes them very easy to move from one table to the next and transport to the store if you have problems. With a CRT, you will probably need to have a computer technician visit your house if you encounter problems. A heavy CRT is a very inconvenient piece of equipment to own when you do not have the strength to lift it and you are rearranging your room or moving to another place.

* Flat Screen

All LCDs have flat screens which help reduce distortions in images. While there are some CRTs that sport flat screens, most come with a rounded screen.

* High Screen Resolution

LCDs have higher native screen resolutions than CRTs. As such, they can display finer pictures and capture more details. A 19-inch LCD alone has a native resolution of 1440×900. An LCD’s native resolution increases with its size. Right now, many computer owners use a 19-inch LCD and some can even own LCDs as large as 23 inches.

* No Screen Flickers

Another great advantage LCDs have over CRTs is the absence of screen flickers. Advancements in CRT technology have minimized screen flickers but they are still present. These irritating radiations can strain your eyes and lead to eye problems. With an LCD, you can place less stress on your eyes and continue working for longer periods of time.

With so many advantages offered by LCD computer monitors, do yourself a favor and get one today. You will appreciate an LCD’s stylish interface and portable design. In addition, you can protect your eyes from screen flickers.