How to Fix the 0x0000007b Blue Screen Error on Windows XP

The “STOP: 0x0000007b” error appears on Windows XP when you first boot your PC. It’s caused by the installation of XP not completing properly, leading your system to be unable to read / process a file that it requires. This could have been caused either when you install your system, or when you upgrade it. Most commonly, damaged drivers, viruses and registry errors cause this error to show – making it essential that you’re able to repair it in the simplest way possible.

This error normally shows in this format:

STOP: 0×0000007B (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)


The way to fix this error is to first boot into safe mode, if you can’t load up your PC normally. Safe mode is a mode inside Windows which has been designed to run without any of the software & drivers which often cause problems for your system; and has been created for occasions such as this. To load up safe mode, restart your PC and then press F8 to bring up the “Advanced Boot Options” screen, to load it from.

After you’re inside Safe Mode, you should then look to update the drivers on your PC. Drivers are the software components which allow Windows to successfully interact with all the hardware on your system, and are vital parts of your computer. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that many viruses will either become damaged or corrupted, leading your computer to take longer to load & show all sorts of errors. You should try and update all the drivers on your PC to ensure this error will not come back.

Proceeding the updating of your drivers, you should then look to scan for any boot viruses on your PC. “boot” viruses are annoying infections which load up onto your PC and then try and cause all sorts of issues when your computer loads up. You should fix these by using an antivirus program.

Finally, it’s also recommended that you use a “registry cleaner” to fix any potentially damaged settings that could be causing the 0x0000007b error. Registry cleaners are designed to scan through the “Registry” database of your computer, and fix any of the errors inside it. The registry database is basically a central location where Windows stores all the files, settings & information your PC requires to run, making it one of the most important parts of your system. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that the registry will either become corrupt or damaged, leading to your system being unable to load the settings it needs to run, which often leads to errors including the 0x0000007b error. It’s recommended you use a registry cleaner to scan through this part of your system and repair any of the damage inside it.