The Art of Processing Emotions

Many of us spend hours regularly processing emotions that we experience in our lives. It is in the belief that if we come to a place of resolve with them that we would be happier and/or be more present in our lives. Processing emotions is a skill that many have difficulty doing especially if they were not taught as children to identify what they were feeling. Millions have difficulty processing their emotions so if you perceive that you fit in this category do not feel alone.

Processing emotions is both an intellectual skill as well as a body experience. We may be able to express the emotion, recall the memory related to the feeling but have no real connection to it in our body. Which may make us feel disconnected to the experience itself as well as our own body.

Being able to perceive emotions includes feeling the whole experience in our physical body. It is feeling where our body feels uncomfortable when we are upset and all of our bodily reactions included. When we do this we teach ourselves to be more present in our body. The more we live with this kind of awareness anger does feel more intense but so does joy and happiness. We begin the process of leaving the life of muddled emotions where we feel little and remain in a mundane expression of our feelings to a fuller range of ourselves.

One of the keys to breaking out of the mundane life is learning to feel the emotions of our past. What we have suppressed emotionally is often one of the blocks that are holding us back from feeling ourselves. If we can tap into those energetic memories on a body level we can begin the process of releasing them for good. Our cognitive recall of these experiences only gives us the information from our mind we have to address what our body has stored away for them to really go.

What I have discovered is that so much of our daily anxieties, worries, angers, etc always have a source from our past. So when I experience the emotion I stop, sit down and feel it. The first step is to locate where you feel the distress in your body. If you cannot identify it in your body ask the consciousness of your body to turn up so that you can feel it. Or just ask your body, “Where is the sensation of this emotion located?”

Our bodies can do this. They are complex sensory organs that can give us massive amounts of information if we ask. It is important to know that the body wants us to uncover this stuff because it will be so much easier on it not carrying these stuffed emotions.

When we are able to identify the location of the sensation of the emotion sit and be present with it. Place your awareness to perceive the full intensity of the experience of it. Observe only, if we judge it we re-traumatize us to the experience, for example do not go into how bad it was. Even if a memory comes up just be present with it.

Once you perceive that you are in touch with the full energetic memory of the experience ask your body, “Is there a deeper source to where this emotion originated from?” Observe if another sensation shows up in your body, it may be in another location or even underneath where you have been working. Begin the process again of perceiving the full intensity of the energetic memory. Your presence with it will be the catalyst for its release.

When we release these experiences we will begin to feel a lightness in our body. It feels like energetic rocks are removed out of us giving way for a greater body awareness to begin that generally is perceived as feeling lighter. It is a part of the process of knowing yourself wholly.

As I go deeper in this process I find that sometimes I do need to cry to assist in grieving or hit or scream into pillows to release my rage more completely. When I do this I remain focused on the intensity of the energy in my body, I do not put my attention on the person that I am mad at such as imagining their face on the pillow. This is about identifying and releasing your own rage not projecting it out to someone. An important distinction.

What I have found is by using the tools of Access Energy Transformation I am able to release these repressed emotions more effectively. Access releases thoughts, beliefs and emotions on a cellular level. When it is used directly with the identification of the energetic emotional experience the release is very dynamic and permanent. I have seen my life change and witness huge transformational shifts in others by using these awesome tools.

When we begin to live in a place was we are not influenced by our repressed emotions we begin to live with a fuller presence in ourselves. We are no longer triggered by our past in our daily interactions. It is a wonderful freedom. We experience anger, sadness and happiness fuller from a more realistic perception.

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