Why Used Cisco Routers?

If you go online looking for routers, you’re going to see Cisco front and center in the SERPs. They’re clearly one of the big players in the communications industry and are relied upon for flexible, secure internetworking from enterprise branch offices that use the 2800 Series router to big campuses the world over that need routers suited to WANs. If you know about infrastructure, you already know the Cisco name. So, if you’re looking to save and still get the results you need, you should consider used Cisco routers. Of course, not just any refurbished Cisco routers will do. You will need to have a warranty and know that they will provide reliable performance for your network/organization/client.

It’s About Cisco

Cisco owns IOS, or Internetwork Operating System and carries a dominant share of the Internet router market. IOS only runs on Cisco routers and other hardware needed for the IOS. So if you have an IOS infrastructure, you must have Cisco hardware. It’s that simple. You can save on this with refurbished Cisco routers and other hardware that is still highly usable.

It’s About Routers

Now, as you may know, routers route data, and without routers there would be no Internet. They are what make it possible for networks to communicate. Switches have replaced routers in some applications, such as routing data packets between local area networks, but since they can’t do the deep routing needed for complete internetworking, routers are still needed. Layer 3 switches do some routing, but that’s another story for another article. Firewalls are also routers that act as gatekeepers, ensuring that connections are secure.

It’s About Used Cisco Routers

If you must have Cisco, you can save on used, as with anything else. You can save on a used car. You can buy a used MP3 player and save. You can buy someone’s old skateboard, replace some parts and you’re on your way. Recycling is good and it’s smart, as long as you know what to look for. Just as you wouldn’t buy just any used car or skateboard, it’s a good idea to vet your options when you get your used 2800 Series router or the 7200 Series connectivity performer. Start with a call to some possible providers. You can look online for used, renewed, and refurbished Cisco routers. Call the number and find out how they will work with you. Expect deals because it’s a competitive world out there, but know a deal when you see one. In other words, expect to pay something for the quality Cisco is known for, and then maybe pay a bit more for a provider that can give you technical support, a warranty and the reassurance that, should you need anything else, they can go to bat for you.

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